Installing SharePoint 2013 on Network Load Balance windows server 2012

Our lab scenario

SP Arc

Configure NLB between the 2 servers which play as a SharePoint servers

Install a SQL Server which will contain the SharePoint Database

Now let’s configure SharePoint on Server 1

Open the installation icon and install the prerequisites



When the installation complete Click on Install SharePoint Server


Enter product key, Accept Terms, Continue and Install Now


Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard



Create a new server Farm on Server 1 and Click on Next.


Enter Database server name “SQL1Fov”.

Enter the User Name and the Password

SQL Access

Enter Passphrase.


Specify port number.


Click Next. and now the Configuration is completed.


Click on Finish button. This will open Central Admin web page as a URL


Now the SharePoint server 1 installation finished let’s configure the Second Server and connect it to the Farm.

Choose Connect to an existing server farm

2-connect to server farm

Click yes to start the services


Type the name of SQL Server which contain the existing sharepoint Farm Database and Retrieve Database to see our configured Database

3-Database serverEnter the Passphrase Password and click next



5-configure SQL database

Wait for the Configuration

6- Finall configuration

Now the second Server configuration finished and we have a 2 SharePoint servers running SharePoint 2013 on a Network Load Balance and Connected to SQL Server 2014 Failover Clustered Database.

SharePoint 2013 AppFabric Installation Error

when you try to install SP2013 in offline mode all Prerequisites installation success but AppFabric Not ! so let’s try to solve this Problem.SharePoint Error

copy the source files of SharePoint to c:\SP2013 and copy the Prerequisites to the Prerequisites folderSP2013 Files

uninstall AppFabric from control panel uninstall Appfabric

open CMD and run the following command

 c:\SP2013>prerequisiteinstaller.exe /AppFabric:prerequisiteinstallerfiles\WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe


system will restart.. once it open again sharepoint installation will restarted successfully.Installation