DFS Replication on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster

Preparing for the Lab 

Lab Scenario

Lab Scenario

The first Step is to create a V-Disk on the Storage Server for each Office

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Add Roles and select iSCSI role and Finish
  3. Open iSCSI and Create V-Disks and Targets for each office and the Replication Group Servers and Finish
    Targets And V-Disks
  4. create one Target and add the 2 Nodes on it as an initiator
  5. Create the V-Disks for each Office
  6. On each node we connect to the V-Disks using iSCSI Initiator from server manager and Bring disk online. 

Now we have a 4 V-Disks connected to Servers

DFs1 and DFS2 Office1 connected to Office1.vhdx

DFS3 and DFS4 office2 connected to Office2.vhdx

RG1 and RG2 Replication office connected to 2 V-Disks for Replication and Failover Clustering

The Second Step is to Configure a Windows Failover Cluster between Nodes of  each office

  1. Open DFS1 and DFS2 Servers Server Manager
  2. From roles select failover cluster and finish
  3. Open Failover Cluster Manager Validate and Create a Failover Cluster between DFS1 and DFS2
  4. Create the Same steps of Failover between the Nodes of other Offices “Office 2  DFS3, DFS4 and Replication group Office RG1, RG2“.

The Third step is to configure the File Server Role on the Failover cluster on the First office and the second office

  1. Open failover cluster manager
  2. On Roles Configure a new role and select File Server Role FirstOfficeFS
  3. Create the same steps on the other offices which play as a file server ” Office 2 ” SecondOfficeFs

**When you configure File Server you have to create a shared Folder on the 2 offices which contains the Replicated data

Test 1 For Office1 and Test 2 for Office 2

DFS RG shared Folders

The Fourth Step is to Configure a DFS Replication between the 2 offices

  1. on the RG1 Server open DFS Management and Configure a DFS between the 2 offices using the Name of the Failover Cluster FirstOfficeFS and SecondOfficeFS

The Last Step is to Configure a Replication group for data collection

  1.  On RG1 Server open server manager-tools-DFS Management and open Replication
  2. Select New replication group and choose New Replication group for data collection
  3. Select the Branch Server and the Hub Server ” Office 1 and Office 2 “ we create a cluster between nodes so i’ts better to deal with the cluster name ” FirstOfficeFS and SecondOfficeFs ”  not the Servers name 
  4. In our lab i will add the Domain Controller AD as a third node in the Replication Group so now after add the AD we have a 3 way replication from and to the 3 Locations we have.
  5. the Replication will contains FirstOfficeFS, SecondOfficeFS, and the AD ServerReplication Group



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