Windows Server 2012 R2 Network Load Balancing NLB

You can configure Network Load Balancing to enhance the scalability and availability of server applications.

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Add roles and features
  3. From features
  4. Network Load Balancing
  5. Open server manager from tools choose NLB Manager Screenshot (98)
  6. Click on Network load balane and choose New Cluster Screenshot (102)
  7. Type the  name of VM which play as and NLB and click Connect Screenshot (103)
  8. Priority it’s by default 1 and click NextScreenshot (104)
  9. Add IPv4 adress from the Network subnet and the subnet maskScreenshot (106)
  10. Chosse the Cluster operation mode in this case we choose Malticast and click Next , FinishScreenshot (108)Screenshot (109)
  11. Once thw NLB configured and the Status is Converged click on the NLB and choose Add Host To ClusterScreenshot (110)
  12. Type the name of the Second Node to add to the NLB Cluster and ConnectScreenshot (111)
  13. Add Host and click NextScreenshot (112)
  14. Configure the Port number and click FinishScreenshot (113)
  15. On the DC open DNS and create new recorde for NLB Cluster and Add Host Screenshot (114)
  16. Now the NLB configured let’s bing and Make sure that’s Working Screenshot (115)


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